Czech Cop’s Car Smashing Rampage, 2016

Although you expect police officers to be pillars of the community, they’re not all perfect. Some are occasionally corrupt, but disorderly and out of control? Never! That is until one day Officer Kadlec of Prague City Police Dept. decided to have a few drinks and get his fifteen minutes of fame. Find out the chaos he caused.

Prague’s Vinohrady neighbourhood, Cz Rep: One Spring afternoon, above the gentle hubbub of city life, a loud noise broke the city’s normal calm indicating the chaos which had broken out in some quarter near; the blare of dozens of car alarms echoed down Vinohrady’s elegant, tree-lined avenues of fine, old, Austro-Hungarian terraces. The distant wail of sirens soon chimed in.

On Šumavská street a drunk and dishevelled out-of-uniform police instructor named Karel Kadlec was handcuffed and led away from the trail of carnage he’d just caused which disgraced his name and dealt a serious dent to his career in the process.

Wrecked automobiles on both sides of the street lay at odd angles and glass and bits of vehicle body parts littered the road; Kadlec had gotten boozed up and careered his SUV down the street, smashing and ramming as he went, to damage a total 51 vehicles. He caused over 2,000,000Kč (£70,000 in 2020) worth of damage but thankfully no casualties.

So what caused this cop to go haywire? Shamefully enough, he was actually on leave at the time due to a drink-driving accident the previous year, and on that occasion, he was caught driving without insurance too.

Kadlek had told reporters after that: “This is something I’d never like to experience again.

Just months later however he realised his career was about to come to an ignominious end, so he went out with a bang.

It was the day before Kadlec was due to face a disciplinary tribunal that Kadlec went berserk, yet after, he apologised for what he had done.

It didn’t save his career, however, his bosses had no choice than to fire him. Rumours are that his next job was a security guard, at a carpark.

Kadlek under arrest after being brought to a halt (

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