14 Ex-Spurs Players Who Prove Spurs Can’t Win Trophies

All is not well at Tottenham Hotspur these days. Although the club have achieved much over the last 15 years both on and off the pitch, they are suffering a crisis of morale. England's 8th most successful football club has not won any silverware for ages. They've had some top-class players come and go, and... Continue Reading →

Worst British Military Disaster of Each Decade, 1700s-1950s (pt.2)

Click for Part 1 Retreat from Kabul, 1842 During the 'Great Game' Britain greatly feared that the Russian Empire's expansionism could spill into the Asian subcontinent. To counter this threat, they moved to establish a presence in Afghanistan (a buffer between the two empires) and install a pro-British regime. In 1839 a 20,000 strong army... Continue Reading →

Swiss Air Combat in World War 2

The revealing story of Switzerland's military operations to defend its airspace from Axis and Allied aircraft during World War Two Blotted with deathly-black balkenkreuz wing insignia denoting them as war machines of the German Luftwaffe, droves of bulky Bf-110 twin-engined Messerschmitt fighters droned menacingly in circles. A flock of more nimble craft whizzed in to... Continue Reading →

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