Drunken Aviator Lands in New York Street 1956

In perhaps the greatest 'hold my beer' escapade to date, Thomas Fitzpatrick stole a plane to prove he could fly from Jersey to New York in just 15 minutes. Read about how he won his crazy bet. Bulky sedans rumbled sedately along the right-angled streets, and haggard creatures of the night here and there passed... Continue Reading →

The 14 Year-Old Cop, 2009

The embarrassing episode for the Chicago Police Dept. when they discovered a teenager had managed to get hold of a uniform and go under cover as a cop. Find out what duties he performed during his 'shift' and try to figure out how he slipped through the net. It was just past lunchtime and a... Continue Reading →

UK’s Terrible Twin Town, 2006

It was an awkward moment when Mantao representative George McLauchlan crossed the Atlantic to present a commemorative clock to Bideford town's officials, only for them to not have a clue why. Find out what happened here. Before Mr Riley’s visit… (eveningstandard.co.uk) The sky above was white and seagulls could be heard in the distance being... Continue Reading →

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