The Two Irish Boys who Escaped to New York City

The epic quest Keith Byrne (10) and Noel Murray (13) embarked on in 1985 when they managed to travel incognito to New York via planes, trains and, er, ferries. A metallic clang echoed down a bleak Darndale street. The clang of a fizzy-drink can being punted along by a young boy. His hair, fair and... Continue Reading →

Birmingham, Gloucester, Plymouth, and their Trans-Atlantic Twins

Birmingham  Birmingham, Alabama's towering skyline ( The ‘Magic City’ was founded in 1871 and was planned from the very beginning to become the massive manufacturing hub it burgeoned into. Today, it is Alabama’s premier metropolis and is regarded as one of the US’s best places to earn a crust. Because the city was always planned to... Continue Reading →

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