7 Must-try Authentic Dishes for When You Visit Britain

You've all heard of fish 'n' chips, roast dinners and full English fry-ups but here is a list of seven dishes from across Great Britain that you have to try if you want to really immerse yourself in the culture. 1. Chicken Tikka Masala Like all the dishes in this list there are variances and... Continue Reading →

UK’s Terrible Twin Town, 2006

It was an awkward moment when Mantao representative George McLauchlan crossed the Atlantic to present a commemorative clock to Bideford town's officials, only for them to not have a clue why. Find out what happened here. Before Mr Riley’s visit… (eveningstandard.co.uk) The sky above was white and seagulls could be heard in the distance being... Continue Reading →

London Beer Flood, 1814

What occurred to cause a tidal-wave of beer to slosh down the slums of London? Read on to find out the devastation caused. If we’ve all got to meet the reaper some day or other, some folks might say that drowning in beer isn’t the worst way to go. It was 1814 and the Meux... Continue Reading →

The Wise Men of Gotham, 1200s

When the King of England wanted to build a road through Gotham village's locale, the rustics knew there was only one way to get rid of his men; to play insane... Find out what absurd tasks they came up with acting fools. It is difficult to determine the veracity of tales from such historical, murky... Continue Reading →

Birmingham, Gloucester, Plymouth, and their Trans-Atlantic Twins

Birmingham  Birmingham, Alabama's towering skyline (elements.envato.com) The ‘Magic City’ was founded in 1871 and was planned from the very beginning to become the massive manufacturing hub it burgeoned into. Today, it is Alabama’s premier metropolis and is regarded as one of the US’s best places to earn a crust. Because the city was always planned to... Continue Reading →

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