Napoleon’s Indestructible General – Marshal Nicolas Oudinot

This French General is famous for the many, many wounds he suffered in battle but survived. You'll be amazed the damage this bullet-magnet lived through! Nicolas Charles Oudinot was born in Paris, 1767. He was born to survive against the odds as just one of nine siblings to reach adulthood. He joined the Kingdom of... Continue Reading →

Man Discovers Nail in Head, 2005

Patrick Lawler seemed fine after a small accident at work. What seemed at first to be a lousy toothache turned into needing emergency surgery after a stunning X-ray find. Read to find out what happened. The 23-year-old construction worker, with black eyebrows and goatee, sat on the edge of his chair and gnawed on his... Continue Reading →

The Rainstorm That Went Splat, 1994

Residents of Oakville were flummoxed by a downpour of goo they experienced in 1994. What was even more disconcerting was the wave of illness that rippled throughout the community immediately after... With the sight of undulating woodland resembling the serried ranks of a million upright matchsticks covered in a fuzzy green blanket of needles to... Continue Reading →

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