Andorra’s 44 Years of World War finally Ended, 1958

The time one disregarded European state forgot to end the 'Great War' For its main belligerents, World-War-I lasted from 1914 until 1918, yet bizarrely Germany remained at war, technically, with one country for another 39 years. Andorra is a European minnow state of 468 km (181 sq mi) and just 76,000 call it home. It... Continue Reading →

The Dancing Plague, 1518

It baffles people now as it did then, when hundreds of people around 16th Century Strasbourg danced and danced till they could dance no more. Read about its potential cause and the remedies phycisians came up with One Summer’s day in 1518 down a narrow street in Strasbourg, France an odd thing occurred; people turned... Continue Reading →

The Most Baffling Book Ever Written- The Voynich Manuscript, 1400s

The Voynich Manuscript has professional code breakers scratching their heads even now trying to decipher its meaning, filled as it is with exquisite illustrations and an unknown language.!/quality/90/? The Voynich Manuscript is possibly written in a proto-Romance language ( A book was once written that’s had everyone from cryptographers to professional code breakers scratching... Continue Reading →

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