Worst British Military Disaster of Each Decade of the Empire (pt.1)

'We lose many battles, except the last' - an adage which refers to how the British prevailed in a myriad of military endeavours from the United Kingdom's inception in 1707 until the 1950s, yet were mauled on many occasions along the way. This article includes the worst military calamity of (almost) every decade - failures... Continue Reading →

The Dyatlov Pass Incident, 1959

When investigators found the bodies of nine missing trekkers in the Artic tundra half-dressed and away from their tent for no apparent reason, it began perhaps the spookiest mystery in Russian history. It was the depths of winter and 23-year-old Igor Alekseyevich Dyatlov with eight other fit, young men and women arrived at the town... Continue Reading →

Ancient Law Causes Queen to Drown, 1880

When a pregnant young queen started to drown, her attendants wouldn't help. Find out why. The protocol around royalty which governs how they interact with commoners is usually ancient, rigid and ensures royal family members’ inviolability. On one occasion however it caused an entirely avoidable tragedy for the Chakri royal dynasty of Siam, modern-day Thailand.... Continue Reading →

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