Annie Taylor’s Barrel Ride over the Niagara Falls, 1901

Oddball tales: When an eccentric named Annie Taylor was desperate for a nest-egg, she attempted the most dangerous stunt she could think of; to become the first woman to ride over the Niagara Falls... in a barrel. In the picture a woman stands, a face wrinkled and unsmiling. She has dark wavy hair and the... Continue Reading →

6 Disastrous Stunts

From moans and groans to broken bones; find out how these six stunts went wrong in the worst ways possible. Life needn’t always be so serious. It shouldn’t always be about the humdrum, work-consume-die existence. We live, too, to be entertained. Stunts do this by impressing us with people’s breath-taking skill and bravery, and are... Continue Reading →

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