Model Citizen Returned to Prison, 2014

THE TIME THE US JUSTICE SYSTEM TRIED TO RE-IMPRISON A MODEL CITIZEN THEY HAD RELEASED 90 YEARS EARLY. It was just another day for Rene Lima-Marin in his job helping to transform city skylines by installing glass windows into skyscrapers until an unknown caller buzzed his mobile phone. The woman on the line said she... Continue Reading →

Man Discovers Nail in Head, 2005

Patrick Lawler seemed fine after a small accident at work. What seemed at first to be a lousy toothache turned into needing emergency surgery after a stunning X-ray find. Read to find out what happened. The 23-year-old construction worker, with black eyebrows and goatee, sat on the edge of his chair and gnawed on his... Continue Reading →

Trucker Wins Lottery Twice, 1999

Bill Morgan's fortunes went from catastrophic to fantastic when the lucky trucker recovered from being on life support to winning a car and massive windfall on two scratch-cards, even winning the 2nd 'scratchie' live on air. Watch and read about it here. Luck can be like buses, you wait for ages then several come at... Continue Reading →

Phineas Gage, the Man Who Survived an Iron Bar through His Brain

To survive was one-in-a-million, but to almost completely recover is incomprehensible. The side-effects, however, made him shunned by decent society A moral man, Phineas Gage, Tamping powder down holes for his wage, Blew his special-made probe, Through his left frontal lobe, Now he drinks, swears, and flies in a rage. (Anonymous limerick) On September 13,... Continue Reading →

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