Gigantic Popsicle Floods Manhattan Square, 2005

Who've guessed Snapple's attempt to erect the world's largest popsicle in the world would result in Manhattan's denizens fleeing the streets to save their footwear from getting gunged? Read on to find out what occurred. It was the height of a June Summer in the heart of Downtown Manhattan, New York where the possibly underemployed... Continue Reading →

London Beer Flood, 1814

What occurred to cause a tidal-wave of beer to slosh down the slums of London? Read on to find out the devastation caused. If we’ve all got to meet the reaper some day or other, some folks might say that drowning in beer isn’t the worst way to go. It was 1814 and the Meux... Continue Reading →

Boston’s Great Molasses Flood, 1919

Boston was hit by one of the weirdest disasters ever heard of, when the city docksides were deluged by a wave of sticky molasses. Read about the suffering it inflicted and how the city's streets reeked for years after. Molasses (Black Treacle) is a thick, heavy substance refined from sugar cane. In Boston, 1919, the... Continue Reading →

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