The Business Plot, 1933

A credibly true conspiracy story: The aim was to take over Washington DC in a military coup; there was just one man standing in their way. Read how one veteran US Marine General stood up to the political forces that lurk in the shadows even today. It was November the 24th, 1934 and retired General... Continue Reading →

Armoured Bulldozer Rampage, 2004

The story of the man who built himself an armoured bulldozer to attack and destroy his town has since passed into legend. But was Marvin Heemeyer just a spite filled brute, or a symbol of the 'little guy' perennially oppressed by corporate power? A man by the name of Marvin Heemeyer sat in his Komatsu... Continue Reading →

The Nepalese Royal Massacre

The Prince who murdered his family because he couldn’t marry his one true love This is the grisly story of a truly astounding crime. In 2001 the Nepalese Royal Family was slaughtered in a frenzied shooting spree. What makes this more disturbing is that it was committed by one of their own family members. On... Continue Reading →

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