Woman Breaks £30,000 Bracelet, Told to Pay, Faints, 2017

You know the rule; 'you break it, you buy it'. But what happens when you break something worth over £30,000? Read on to find out. The late evening breeze kept the humidity a notch above oppressive in Ruili city which is located in the Chinese Yunnan Province on the Myanmar border. A slim, middle-aged woman... Continue Reading →

Ancient Law Causes Queen to Drown, 1880

When a pregnant young queen started to drown, her attendants wouldn't help. Find out why. The protocol around royalty which governs how they interact with commoners is usually ancient, rigid and ensures royal family members’ inviolability. On one occasion however it caused an entirely avoidable tragedy for the Chakri royal dynasty of Siam, modern-day Thailand.... Continue Reading →

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